You Can Sell Anything

The information on your affiliate guide is designed to make it so you can sell anything.  Most people enter affiliate marketing to make money.  The formula is pretty basic, find a profitable niche, identify affiliate products, identify target key words, build a site, get ranked for those key words, make money…  Rinse, repeat.

However, what if you’re looking to sell your own product.  Let’s say you’re a musician, and want to sell your own CD?

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Well, the process is exactly the same, except for the following.

Most people go into affiliate marketing because when you sell other people’s products, they have to pay for the product development and they have to put the sales page together.   And that’s the key.  There are more upfront costs when you sell your own products.

Sales pages are basically your one page to get people to buy your product.  They start off with a catch headline that makes your site visitor want to read on.  Then they skillfully walk you through the buying process, convincing you that you have to have this product, that you’d be silly not to buy it, and that there’s no risk in buying this product from you and that others have bought this product from you and they really enjoyed the product.  Throw in some ‘free bonuses’ so they perceive more value and then test, test, test…

Testing is a process of reviewing how many people are visiting your page, and how many people are clicking on your buy button and then how many people are buying.

Most sales pages will require several tweaks before they perform.  Then once they perform, you may consider spending money to make more money.  This is simply done by getting a Google Adwords account and identifying your target key words, and spending money for traffic.

Don’t want to spend money?  Well, it makes sense if you have identified your conversion ratio and realize that you can spend $1 to make $2 – then it makes perfect sense.  But you have to get your sales page to the point where it can convert visitors.  That’s rule #1, 2 and 3.

Most people are not ready to buy now.  In fact, if you asked a group of 100 people, only 3 might be willing to buy now.  Then you have to convert those 3…   However, if you offer something for free, say a free sample song, in exchange for an email address.  Then you have their email address and can continue to market to them with weekly emails.  In fact, you can automate the whole process through Aweber so you don’t have to do anything, but rake in the money.

So when I say you can sell anything, you definitely can.  It just takes understanding your customers’ needs and selling your product in a way that it meets those needs.

Even better, one thing you can do with your site is to promote other affiliate products.  This will give you more revenue from the traffic visiting your site.  You may not sell your CD, but if you sell something else – you’ll have more money to promote your CD.

The next step is to get the word out.   Go to our section on Back Links to get a better understanding.