If you’re new to affiliate marketing, I offer the following Free Affiliate For Beginners Training – 5 part email series.  They’re broken down into their various categories.  I would only suggest that you set up a secondary email address – because if you sign up for more than one, you will get a lot of emails upfront.

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Personally, I would suggest that you sign up for one at a time, or sign up for ones in the areas you’re looking to improve.  Learning is best done in little steps.

Here they are:


Google Adwords Secrets – Advertising other people’s websites – crafting ads, ROI, CTR, etc.

Secrets to your website’s google adsense program

Secret formula – frustrated? Affiliate Marketing is tough, but there are ways to succeed by following other formulas (no ppc or hyped up software)

SEO Keywords and Adwords

All About Clicks – adwords – get traffic to your site – solution to google’s undisclosed free click formula – works on msn as well – and you don’t have to spend a dime – manipulate the search engines


High Ranked Google Links – PR7 & Up – Link Building

Using Internet Press Releases to improve your SEO Ranking


Servicing Your Clients & Building Customer Loyalty


Selling your products online through affiliate marketing

Promoting Affiliate Products – How to pick winning products & outsell other marketers


Keys to selling Clickbank products online – How to identify affiliate products that sell

Internet elite secrets – no cost upfront – no inventory, products, no customer services – affiliate marketing


“The money is in the list” – how to build a list and market to it

The money is in the list, but…   You have to know how to profit from your list – building with blogs, using save lists and ezines, etc.

Membership sites and residual income services


Outsource – when your business grows, you will become overworked – big secrets to not only create wealth, but be able to enjoy it – break through business plateaus


How to improve your organic search engine traffic – how to select phrases, find and dominate websites, establish and maintain link partners – cut down your seo time



Social bookmarking – need to incorporate it into your business plan & use effectively – reach more potential customers

Web 2.0 – how to integrate into the new web – new ways to reach potential customers, new sources for traffic – and best of all – free!

Best traffic is highly targeted traffic – PPC is too expensive, takes too long.  Harness the power of next generation web marketing – increase conversions, using blogs and social networking sites, etc.


Internet Traffic is like gold – like real estate – like a currency – it’s what making money on the internet is all about – remember, 90% of sites are below the radar, get yours recognized now!

Viral Marketing – how to create a buzz on the internet – get your brand out – get traffic – how to generate interest in your site


Re-Program yourself within for success – sometimes the thing that limits us most is – ourselves…



Make money while you sleep – easy button – system to make money online – adwords, how to identify products, how to find hungry markets

Accelerate the monetizing of your list – let someone else do it for you – manage your list, produce your squeeze pages, picking your products, developing content, etc…

Secret formula – frustrated? Affiliate Marketing is tough, but there are ways to succeed by following other formulas (no ppc or hyped up software)

Another quick internet cash – easy button – they do it for you…  There is some merit to know these systems – that’s why I include them here.

Easy button – Automatic cash – risk free alternative to affiliate marketing

Making money on the internet – on auto pilot – easy button – these sites do it all for you – no need to reinvent the wheel – copy what others are doing