This is an advanced topic for beginners, but definitely something that you’ll come across as a new affiliate marketer.

There are various formulas for internet success.   Most people will put them together into a product and sell them to you – but I’ll give them to you here, because obviously the better you do, the better I do.

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What is PLR Marketing?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  It is content that someone else produces, and sells to you – allowing you to rebrand the product in your own name.

Why is this good?  Many reasons.

1) You may not be an expert in the area you’re selling.  This will allow you to get good content cheaply and quickly.

2) You can purchase eBooks, videos and Email Auto responder series (and more).

3) You can rebrand the product in your own name, and add your own links

4) You can rewrite the eBook – and add your personal touch

5) many, many, more…

There are two primary places you can find PLR Articles.  Here they are:


The second one is called EasyPLR:


Now that you know what PLR is, and where you can find PLR content – how best should you use it?

The key to any business is clients.  And if you run an online business, you know how hard it is to get traffic to your website.  So when you do solve the traffic problem, you want to make sure you give the visitor their best experience ever.  How do you give a good visitor experience?  Easy – give them something of great value for free.

Well, technically not for free, but in exchange for an email address.

There are two things that are what I consider gold in this business model.  First is traffic and second is email addresses.

Anyone can build a website. Anyone can email that website to their friends and family.  And while it takes 5-7 emails before you may convince someone to buy, after a few dozen emails, they’ll tune you out.

There are two ways to generate traffic and email addresses.  First is free SEO tactics, which we cover in another tutorial.

The second is sending solo ads through eZines.  There are hundreds if not thousands of eZines out there for the various niches.  You could go it alone, or you could sign up to receive the Directory of Ezines.  This is literally the best product out there when it comes to finding eZines.  And it will help you going forward.  This is a must have for affiliate marketing:

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