Here’s the key to article marketing for affiliate marketers.  It takes time and it takes more time.  If you have time, great.  If not, there are a couple things you can do.

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First – Outsource.  There are ways to get your articles written for you for very cheaply.

Second – Article Marketing Automation.  I recommend this service.  I’ll be having much more on this as the weeks and months go on.

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What’s the alternative?

You write all your own articles.  I recommend 300-500 words.

You submit each article to only one of the article ezine services out there.  Here’s a list of free places to submit your articles:

Ezine Articles

Go Articles

Article Dashboard

I use all 3.

Here’s why I switched to using an article marketing service.  The internet works under certain parameters – and that spawns all sorts of other businesses.  Much akin to the US Tax system, it it wasn’t for that, the need for H&R Block and other tax accounting companies would go away.  Accordingly, the need for article marketing came about because to get ranked on the internet by google, you need back links.

The free article services are a lot of work to get your articles published.  And each article only gives you 3 links to wherever you want from the resource box.

Paid services give you a lot more bang for your buck.  First, they have thousands of blogs or other content sites in their system.   All you have to do is take your article, spin it, and your one article gets put out on upwards of 50 sites, at 3 links per article – or 50 back links.

Granted, they may not be as high quality as a link from Ezine, but on some of google’s measures, quantity matters.

Based on this, I would suggest signing up for one of these services and giving it a try.  Here are a couple of concepts brought up here that I am going to write follow ups on:

Spinning content, and outsourcing.

Spinning content is simply taking an article and rewriting it so that it’s not seen as duplicate content on the internet.  Why?  Because if there are two pages with the same content, Google will only index one of them.  Usually the oldest.

I’ve seen this on my own sites.  Where I posted the same page on two sites.  I’ve even posted the same page on one site.  Regardless, google will only index the site once.  If you want it indexed twice, you need to spin it and make it unique.

Unique content is very important, but more important is QUALITY & RELATIVE content.  This is huge.

If you put QUALITY content up there that people visit, and remain – then you will get ranked much higher than someone else who puts useless content up on their site, that if people click on, they click away right away!

RELATIVE content is also very important.  If you post a link for your stock trading site on a site that is about knitting, then that is NOT relative content and you’re link won’t have as much juice so to speak.

On outsourcing, you are going to find out that while affiliate marketing is not rocket science, it is time consuming.  I have had 5 sites in development for a few months now.  Granted, this is only a small part of my overall business, as I learn learn affiliate marketing, I realize that it is hugely time consuming.

So I will be writing a nice tutorial on how to outsource and what to outsource to get the maximum bang for your buck.  As you make money, you should reinvest it in your business.  Buy more sites, get into more niches, add more content, whatever you need.  This is a business of scale.  Meaning if you can make one site that makes you $50 a week – then the next step is to reinvest that money and make 10 sites.  That will give you $500 a week.  And who knows, you may hit a home run on a site and have it produce much more than that.

Why I like it, is my life goal has always been to help people.  This allows me to reach out and help more people.  Initially I helped them with making money in the stock market.  I’ve recently moved into other areas, relationships, self help, health, affiliate marketing (this site), travel, music and more.

I also love to learn.  This has allowed me to learn various niche markets. In helping others, I’ve grown as an individual.

I also love business.  So I figured learning affiliate marketing would be a good tool to have in my tool belt.

And as I believe in my own little Einsteinian way, that you can master anything if you give it 15 minutes a day.  It’s how I started with stocks and became well known as a world famous stock market guru and trader.  It’s how I started playing guitar and now play in 2 bands.

And in the future, it will help me with my next venture – to move into the world of philanthropy – so I can give back on a much bigger scale.