For the next few months, I will be using and reviewing Alex Goad’s Rank Builder software.

If you would like to visit Rank Builder’s site to see their offer, click here.

Generally, you’ll get 6 pieces of software as part of the package.

1) Profile Link Builder

2) Article Submitter

3) Social Bookmark Submitter

4) Press Release Submitter

5) Video Submitter

6) Profile Link Builder

It sets up email accounts and accounts with the major article, press release, video, social book marking sites and allows you to mass submit your material to all of them.  Pretty neat.  With the concept being, mass generation of back links.

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I’ll be reporting my result over the coming weeks:

As with any software, they all come with promises.  This service claims to be able to make thousands of back links – seemingly effortless.

Nothing is effortless.    We’re still in the process of evaluating this software.  We did have a couple of glitches that it looks like they’ve resolved.  So we’ll get back to it and report.

One interesting point is that access to Article Link Network comes with this purchase, however, you do need to submit a blog.  And the higher the page rank, the more articles you will be able to submit.  For example, if you submit a page rank 2 site, you’ll get 1 article submission per day, non accumulating.

Article Link Network has about 2-3000 blogs in it’s network of sites that it publishes your articles to.  As part of this process, we’ll evaluate the sites it’s posting our pages to.