Anyone can build a website.  But that’s not going to get you found on the internet.  Remember, the internet is like an iceberg, where 90% of the sites sit below the water and rarely ever get seen.  To get your site seen, you need backlinks.

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I’ve given you many ways to get backlinks on this site, however, here’s how to view backlinks to your site.

**UPDATE – I use to use Yahoo! Site Explorer – click this link to get there.  However, they’ve migrated all their webmaster services to Bing.  The downside is that you have to sign up for a Bing webmaster account and then you have to add your site to your account.  This is easily done by placing a file on your site and telling Bing to verify your site.  And the data you get is very useful.

The downside is that you used to be able to use Yahoo! Site Explorer to view backlinks to your competitor’s sites.  Now that’s a bit more difficult.  There are services out there that will do it.

How to use this.  While it’s important to know the number of backlinks to your site, it’s also good to see the number of backlinks to your competitor’s sites.

Why would you want to know the back links to your competitor’s sites?

Here’s the process I follow (and so should you):

Say you want to rank for the term “newport ri photography”

Type it into google search.  First you see that there are 615k results.  Now type it in with quotes ” ” – this will tell you how many sites are optimized for this term.

Look at the top sites – plug their URLs into Yahoo Site Explorer.  *Now you’ll have to use another service…  There is a great new solution.  It’s called Traffic Travis. 

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The top site, has 729 back links.    1) look to see where they have back links – try to get listed there as well.

When I put this page together, back in May, 2011, they had 729 BackLinks.  Now I can see, using Traffic Travis, that they have 964 Backlinks to their homepage and 1057 to their site.  Their Google Page Rank is 3 and they’re listed in DMOZ.  As you can see, Traffic Travis is a very powerful tool!

When you start a new site, you have 1 page, and 0 back links.

Now what should a back link look like?  1) it should be in anchor test format – using your targetted key word and pointing towards your site or a page in your site optimized for that word.  For example:

<a href=”http://your-web-domain”>newport ri photography</a>

The more places (websites) you can get this back link posted, the higher you will rank for this term.  Next, mix things up a bit, change the term slightly, and point to other pages on your website.  Establish these links over time, and you’ll climb in the ranking.  Not sure how to get back links?  Click this link:

Blog Backlinks

Why is it important to get ranking for certain terms?

Now open up google adwords and use their free keyword tool – selecting the same phrase shows that this term has 390 monthly searches.  These are people looking for photographers, so you see it’s very important to rank highly for this term.

When someone types in this term, they’re looking for a photographer.  So that’s 390 potential clients a month.  If you get listed in the top 3 in google, you will get 80% of that traffic.  Not too bad!

Here’s another way to get links that I highly suggest:

Article Marketing