Too busy to build your own website?  Do you have a business, but no website?  Periodically I get a request from clients to “build me a website”.  Here’s the deal with websites.

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Anyone can build you a website.  And there are a lot of free places to build websites.  But remember, nothing in life is free.  If you’re offered something for free, they’re getting the benefit that you should be getting. A good example of this is the google blog.  Sure, you can have a free one.  And you can put your advertising there.  But at the end of the day, Google (or any other so called free service) is getting your traffic.

In the internet world, traffic is like gold.

Building a website means nothing in today’s day and age.  It’s easy.  And cheap.  You buy a domain – $10.  You pay for hosting – $120 a year.  Then you spend several hours putting your content together.

But that is not what gets you found on the internet, unless someone is already searching on the name of your business.  But that’s not usually the case.

The key to any website is being found on the internet – for a specific search phrase.   So here’s what we offer for you:

For $495, you’ll get a seo friendly site structure, domain, hosted.  You’ll need to let me know the domain that you want – and you’ll need to populate the content – i.e.  you’ll need contact us pages, a bio page, and any other content that you want to put up.

I can get the basic site up very quickly – i.e. in just over a day, but it takes a little time for the sites to get indexed and propagate through the net.  I can accelerate this process for you as part of the above.

Note that some of these costs (domain registration and hosting) are annual, so the cost for future years would be $295/year.

I’m somewhat of an SEO expert, and the key to you will be getting listed when people search on key phrases as they look for your products or services. I’ll work with you to develop those phrases.

The competition for some of these type of key words can be very fierce, but here’s what’s important to know – the top 3 organic (non pay per click) key words get 80% of the traffic.  And Google has a hold on about 70% of the search market – so you want to make sure you do well placing on google.  They have very unique rules.

The process takes time.  And it takes work.  I will look at your competition, review their back links to their site, and figure how best to get you ranking and getting profitable traffic.  Google uses the number and quality of back links in their algorithm to rank sites on their search engines.  Point is, I can get you up there for a variety of terms (search phrases), which is one place where you get new business from – the key is it takes work and time, so you need to start now, because it can take 2 months just to get your site ranking.

Based on the above, I can manage an SEO campaign for your site for an additional $495 per year.  What you’ll get is an analysis of relative key words to identify opportunities, me promoting your site through similar tactics other companies use to get placement for various keywords.  I have several professional software packages that allow me to generate back links from various sources.  The key is adding a few back links over time.  This would include generating links through directory listings, forum postings, blog postings, article publishing, web 2.0 sites, etc.  And identifying where the competition has links, and making sure you get them from there as well.

Another word on content.  You’ll need to help me a little here.  The more content on your site, the more likely you will get searched on for that phrase.  The better the content, the higher the potential ranking.  So if you want anything on your site, I can put it up for you, and modify it slightly to try and get more visitors from it.

If you want a consultation, you can email me at jay.devincentis (@)

Or if you’re ready to get started, just Let me know the domain name you want.  One comment on domain name, you may do better using a domain that’s close to what people search on (google likes this).

Want to see an example?  First, here’s a copy of a divorce lawyer’s website – located in Franklin MA.  She wanted to get ranked for “franklin MA Divorce Attorney”.  And we got her ranked on the first page in the first few weeks!

Franklin MA Divorce Lawyer

Here’s another example, again, the same lawyer who partnered with another lawyer to form however, we want this site to rank for her partner, Jodie Caruolo and since Jodie was represented by a large firm, ranking for her name is much more difficult…  So below is an example of an anchor link that will help her rank for searches on her name:

jodie caruolo

The purpose of anchor links is to tell search engines that jodie caruolo can be found at this page.  The more links that say jodie caruolo and point to her site, the more traffic the site will get.  This link is a deep link, meaning it points to a page in the site that’s designed to rank for her name, not just the website.