As part of my affiliate marketing experience, I became fascinated with the article marketing process.  At first, I saw this as manipulation of google rankings, but as I looked into it further, what it is all about is quality content.  The more quality content you can put on the internet, the more longevity you create.  So I’ll use this page to record my SEOLinkVine Reviews so that you can see how well it works or doesn’t work.

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But before I get into it, I had something interesting happen to me today.  As an affiliate marketer, I always have several sites in the pipeline.  Each one serving a different purpose.  As a one man show, it takes me several weeks to get one site from concept, to production to promotion.  I will explore more outsourcing at some point.  But for now, I do it all myself.

How do you judge success in affiliate marketing?  Well, there are several factors, but to me it comes down to 2 things.  First, are you collecting names and are you generating profits.  Well, one of my sites which I only had 3 articles up on, that I put into promotion with only one article, had collected a name.  These names go into an auto responder and for one year, they are given quality content, aligned with what they were searching on.  So that was the first point of success.

So then I checked my clickbank account, as I do weekly.  And it had also made a sale.  Cha-ching.  There is no better experience than putting a site together to help people (which is what I do) then to have someone sign up for the newsletter and for it to return a sale.  It is such a validating experience.

Ok, so what is the next step?  And what does this mean to you.

The more and more I do this, the more and more I see that people need help with the online part of their businesses.  Almost everyone has a website, but I’d say the majority of the people I come across who do, don’t understand what it takes to get ranked.

For example, when I wrote this article it was because I was interested in taking the article marketing to the next level.  But I don’t just write articles for nothing.  The articles are geared towards generating traffic to my site.  So generally, my process is as follows:

1) Figure out a topic – in this case, it was SEOLINKVINE – a product I’m looking to use, and also to offer on my affiliate site for sale.

1.1) I enter that product into clickbank to get my affiliate code to use for my link – in this case, it is: <== Click this link to learn more about the product I’m reviewing

2) Enter that topic into Google’s Keyword Tool

3) Review the output of Google’s tool for a key word you would like to focus on – the term SEOLINKVINE REVIEWS came up as having 390 searches a month and only 5k sites were optimized for that traffic

3.1) You can figure out how many sites are optimized for a key word if you type the word in parenthesis into Google

4) Enter the keyword into Traffic Travis, a neat little tool that shows me the detail of all pages ranking for that same term – this is basically looking at the competition.

5) The keyword looks good, so I have my title and I’ll optimize this article for that keyword, which means using it 1% of the time, using it in the first and last paragraph and making one h1 tag for it.  But that’s only 10-20% of the game.

6) The most important part is to then do some article marketing.  This is where you write a 300+ word article, utilizing the key word and some variation creating backlinks back to that page.

But remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about quality.  It doesn’t matter what you put up on the internet, if it is not quality, and people don’t spend at least a few minutes on your page, reading your content, you will not maintain any ranking…  And your page will drop into the oblivion of the internet…

So regardless of what you do for a living, whether you are into construction, or a lawyer or a photographer, if you have a website, you can benefit from using Seo Link Vine and I hope my SEOLinkVine Reviews will help you make that decision.

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SEOLink Vine Reviews

Stay Tuned…