As both an affiliate marketer and a seller of financial goods, I’ve had some experience in selling other’s products and an tell you right now what I consider are the top financial affiliate programs.

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There are two that I primarily use.  First is The Wealth Insider Alliance.  They have a basic formula.  1) They only promote one product a month.  2) They have very good copywriting.   And 3) they coordinate all their affiliates and the timing of the service with a series of several pre launch emails, and post launch emails and videos.

In order to sign up to promote their products, since they don’t just accept any affiliate, email me at  and I’ll make an introduction.

A pro and a con is that their services are generally higher priced services.  But the traders they promote are generally the cream of the crop.

Top Financial Affiliate Programs

The other financial affiliates I promote are all found on clickbank.  Generally you can go to clickbank, select a category that you want to promote (i.e. forex, penny, day trading) and Clickbank will rank the products for you by various measures.  The best measure if “Gravity” – it tells you how many other affiliates were successful in selling the same products.  The higher the gravity, generally the easier it is to sell.

Remember, the benefit of selling other people’s products is that you do not have to come up with the marketing or servicing of the product.   You just match your list, to the products offered, which brings up another point.

Generally your list will have a common theme.  For example, you may have a financial list, but there are many subtopics – such as stocks, options, etfs, forex, penny stocks, etc.  The more defined the list, the better it will perform in selling a certain product.  But generally, traders and investors will have some interest in other topics in the broad category.

And finally, it all comes down to adding value.  If you market to your list with no benefit of being on the list, then your list will not perform well and your unsubscribe rate will be high.  So maintaining a list is a balance of providing value, and mixing in promotion.  Don’t just market top financial affiliate programs to your list…