Good afternoon Traders,
Holiday trade is always a little boring.  And writing about it every day is even more boring!  So today we’ll give you
our view on the market from this morning’s Daily Stock Barometer – which has been in publication over 10 years!  Not too bad when you
think of all the newsletters that have come and gone…
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Here’s this morning’s Daily Stock Barometer:
Holiday Trade12/23/2014 8:00:36 AM
Good morning Traders,
Given the time of year, I don’t expect much movement in price action.  What I do expect is the market to
create some inefficient action – underlying price action are internals and sentiment that could get out of alignment with price action.  This
inefficiency will likely resolve as we enter 2015.  At least that’s what we’ve been calling for in our
2014 forecast
I don’t like showing the above without showing it’s inverted counterpart:
When a reversal approaches, we look to these dates for a counter move.  Then we combine them with the signals from
our other cycles (i.e. the 20 week cycle low due 10/1.) 
On other extremes:
We monitor two time frames because x% of reversals in the time frames we trade fall into these time frames, which may
differ for every indicator.
On indicator trends:
nasdaq cumulative breadth
In this view of sentiment, we do see individuals pushing back into the market here.  This normally happens around
tops – though we’re no where near at an extreme.
More on sentiment:
On a cautious note, this indicator is still below zero, which means our crash call is still on through year
McLellan Oscillator
What could derail our call for a year end top?  If we see weaker action come in before year end.  Or if
bonds start dropping more.  Both could bring fuel and liquidity into the market and push us up to a March or April high.  But the odds of
that are lower at this point.
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